MDR, More Than A Traditional SOC

MDR is the next step in the evolution of the managed Security Operations Centre (SOC). Our team of responders use a diverse set of data inputs and evolving detectors to neutralise attacks. We continuously update and refine our detectors to ensure our defence strategies remain relevant and the best in the industry.

Your Blue team

Nview does more than investigate alerts.
We integrate with your business security operations to add a complete cyber defence capability.

Incident response capability

An incident response capability, which typically takes months or years to build internally, can be added to your arsenal almost instantly.

Actionable escalations

Receive relevant actionable alerts instead of being fatigued by a SOC sending thousands of false positives.

The Nview Difference

MDR uses real time threat detection and the best in response capabilities. Various inputs from our comprehensive set of detectors and our real time response capability helps us to speedily resolve all investigations.

Proactive threat detection and mitigation

The general approach in the industry of thinking like a cybercriminal has proven to be ineffective in the active management of cybersecurity.

This is our approach:

Proactive threat detection

A comprehensive set of updated and refined detectors, built in-house, identifies suspicious activities across your environment.

Swift investigation speed

We investigate triggered alerts using detailed logs from various sources. Investigation times that usually take days are reduced to minutes.

Response capability

Our experienced and professional Response Engineers provide detailed response actions when alerted to a possible threat.

Alert triage

While collecting thousands of alerts from your security technology inputs, MDR is able to distinguish between actionable alerts and false positives, ensuring that important alerts aren’t overlooked.

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We are usually asked about

What is MDR and how does it differ from SOC?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is the next step to the conventional Security Operations Centre (SOC) service. Our MDR service provides advanced threat detection and a key element missing in most traditional SOC offerings, the human element. By combining our experience in the industry with a blend of open-source and in-house written applications we have produced a leading edge MDR solution.

Can I pilot Nview?

Yes, most clients wish to pilot Nview first before purchase. A pilot generally runs for 2-3 months and may have an associated, but very reasonable, cost due to the level of initial effort required.

How can I showcase Nview value to my executive team?

We provide monthly executive reports with the executive audience in mind. These reports can be customised to your organisation’s requirements. As a baseline, we track threat and system coverage, so any gaps are clearly tracked and improved.

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